Going Home – Reiss Links

The 1904 July edition of Golf Illustrated describes it as “a yawning sand bunker which necessitates a carry of about 140 yards. It is so close to the tee that there is no escape for a topped shot; in it must go, and the player who forgets that extrication is the first duty in a bunker and attempts the heroic is likely to regret his rashness. The carry is, of course, not too much for fair swiping and once over all that should remain is a careful approach.”
Sadly, Hades is no more, at least not in this world. Also gone is a style of golf reportage that includes a “fair swiping” within its lexicon even though it seems a more accurate description of my golf swing than any other I have heard. The image below shows an early golfer facing up to the challenge of Hades, adopting a stance synonymous with ‘all forward and trust in the Lord”, divine intervention being necessary to ensure the necessary carry.

This image of golfers traversing Hades is reproduced with the kind permission of The Wick Society Johnston Collection.