Chapter 7 extract:  A saltire on the flagpole to its southern side provides early warning of the prevailing winds.  On a blessèd day the flag will hang limp, the tide will be out revealing golden sand and the sea will reflect a clear blue sky; this will only happen if you are a good person.  I am not a good person but the recording angel was not paying close attention the day I arrived; it was just perfect.  Traigh means ‘beach’ in gaelic but there are few sand bunkers on the course unless you stray across the road; the course protects itself quite well enough with plenty of mature gorse.  If you drive into the prickly stuff, your ball may be visible but it is probably best left where it lies unless you want to be unpicking gorse needles from your clothing for the next few months.

The drawing show the view towards Eigg from the top of the course – the character emerging from the water pays homage to the film Local Hero after which the 7th hole is named (it was filmed just north of Traigh).