Norway 2023 – The Road to Lofoten – Parts 3 and 4

Part 3 – from Vinjeora to Mosjoen to Ulvsvag to Kabelvag and finally, to Lofoten Links 24th – 27th June 2023.

Part 4 – Going Home – from Lofoten to Rognan to Vinjeora to Olden to Eidfjord to Morgedal to Kristiansand to Emden to IJmuiden to Newcastle.
28th June – 7th July 2023.

The continuing “research” trip for the third Golf in the Wild book – Golf in the Wilderness, which will combine journeys through time and place for two unlikely groups of enthusiasts. If you believe the stereotypes, they are two tribes who never meet – those clad in greasy leathers and those in pressed check pants. Except, many motorcyclists wear textiles and, dare I admit, I have been known to play golf in jeans. I have my feet planted in both camps and the two endeavours are not as dissimilar as you might imagine. They require different skill sets but the mental approach is the same – staying in the moment, extended periods of deep concentration. Let your mind drift with club or bars in hand and, you will be visiting the rough. They both make you better drivers.

Golf in the Wild has sold out of its limited edition 1000 print run. A road trip from Northumberland to Durness, long before the NC500 came into being and the far north roads remained mostly deserted. I am currently considering a reprint. For the time being, it is only available on Kindle:
The sequel, Golf in the Wild – Going Home, brings the reader back to Northumberland through more wild places – it is available to purchase here and on Amazon:

A story about playing Lofoten Links is available here:…

The 2022 BMW R1250 GS Triple Black (TE, Touring Edition) was supplied by Lloyd BMW Motorrad Carlisle, my third GS. Extras include: headlight guard from Lone Rider –; BMW Vario panniers which came with my first 850 GS; SW-Motech Day Pro Tank Bag; Kriega US-30 tail bag and GS straps; BMW LED Auxiliary Lights; Weiser EXTREME EVO Multifunction LED Driving Lights/Indicator Front Kit, HEX ezCAN II, DENALI 2.0 D2 LED Lights, DENALI Split SoundBomb 120dB – expertly fitted by Steve and Tom at; SW-Motech crashbars and a variety of crash bungs/sliders.