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The journey continues – Chapter 4 …

… to Killin:

Gervaise strode off the seventeenth green
And cursed like Attila the hun –
‘Oh how could I have been three holes up
And lost by two and one?’

Gervaise was not a man for words
When he had lost his rag;
He threw his putter in a bush,
And then he grabbed his bag.

He marched across the clubhouse lawn –
‘It’s more than I can take!’
He hoisted up his bag of clubs
And threw them in the lake

Extract from Second Thoughts – Christopher Matthew – Summoned by Balls

For Gervaise, Killin is conveniently sited on the banks of the fast-flowing River Lochay:

A journey through time

Killin seems an unlikely location for a railway and walking the town there is little immediate evidence that it ever existed but if you amble over the bridge at Dochart Falls and turn immediately left at the Inn, some 400 yards down the lane on the left you pick up the path that takes you over the impressive Dochart Railway Viaduct.  The line descends gently to the lower town where Station Road identifies its original location but little else.  This picture from August 1950 shows a small station providing an essential service to the local community; a well-populated platform, some passengers, not customers, with suitcases and the ubiquitous milk churns, reminiscent of a picture of golfers on the platform at Allendale.

The G H Robin picture of Killin Station is reproduced by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow City Council.